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What are Blobbs?

Learn about the Blobb Universe

Blobbs are mysterious creatures with unknown origin and unknown objectives. They live among humans and the only thing that is known about them is that they eat basically anything edible and draw in nature energy from the Earth. The accumulation of nature energy and food allows them to amass enough potential energy to spontaneously evolve to their next evolution. The type and amount of nature energy a blobb has accumulated can be seen by the physical characteristics the blobbs develop which often resemble animals. It is believed that the nature energy develops into characteristics similar to animals because animals give off more energy into the environment than anything else. As the blobbs progress through their evolutions their physical abilities and characteristics improve dramatically. Few are able to amass enough nature energy to progress to evolution 4 but when they do their physical appearance and abilities change dramatically. It is believed that once enough nature energy is accumulated to progress to this evolution that it awakens the original genomes in the blobbs and they take the form of their original ancestors.

Evolution 1

The first evolution blobbs are just a small ball of goo with facial features. They have limited physical abilities and spend their day bouncing around looking for food and absorbing nature energy. Due to their limited mobility, they can only absorb small amounts of nature energy and therefore most lack numerous physical features. They are sometimes seen carrying around objects on their head that they find appealing.

Evolution 2

Once a evolution 1 consumes a certain amount of food and absorbs enough nature energy they can spontaneously evolve into a evolution 2. They grow a body which drastically improves their physical abilities and with their increased mobility they are able to amass more nature energy and food. Therefore, they often develop more physical characteristics than their previous evolution. However, they can sometimes lose physical features they once had due to the nature energy being consumed for growth.

Evolution 3

Once again when a evolution 2 blobb amasses enough food and nature energy they can evolve into a evolution 3. For the majority of blobbs this is their final form as their bodies are not capable of storing or amassing enough energy to make the dramatic transformation to the next evolution. Evolution 3 blobbs have increased physical abilities and are capable of storing even more nature energy which results in additional physical characteristics. Evolution 3 blobbs also develop the ability to learn human languages and seem to be able to understand us.

Evolution 4

The select few evolution 3 blobbs that are capable of accumulating enough nature energy to do so can evolve into a evolution 4. It is at this point where the physical appearance of the blobbs change dramatically into what is believed to be their “true form”. Evolution 4 blobbs have significantly improved physical abilities and some are said to have special abilities but little are known about them as they are so rare.

When the temperatures started rising and the icebergs began to melt, the first concerns on people’s minds were the extinction of species that relied on that same ice to survive. However, as the Earth has done instinctively for billions of years, the end of one line is the start for another. It wasn’t long after the last polar bear fell to the biproducts of human creation that the first one appeared. It was off the coast of Greenland where a research team tracking the remaining numbers of polar bears were bleakly tearing down their mobile research facility. I was a part of that team. I was doing my understudy research placement in Greenland to learn more about the effects of climate change on endangered species for my final research report. That report never got finished. Almost two years later I am writing this with hopes that someone far away in the future, maybe even far away from this planet, will find this record and be prepared for what lies ahead as I don’t know how much longer we have. Sorry I am getting ahead of myself; I’ll take it back to the start. When we were tearing down that very research facility where it all started and mourning the extinction of an entire species happening before our very eyes, we saw the first one. They instinctively called them blobbs because of the mere appearance of the creature but we would soon learn that they are much more. However, the name stuck. The blobb we discovered that day was classified as an evolution 1. A ranking system was soon developed for the blobbs to keep track of the changes they would endure. Evolution 1 blobbs were quite harmless, the one we discovered was a small yellow sphere of goo with facial features that seemed to mimic that of a dog. Evolution 2 blobbs are easily distinguished from evolution 1s as they have developed a body. Evolution 3 blobbs develop personalities, various physical features and are somehow capable of mimicking and learning our language.

Evolution 4 blobbs are where they began to scale exponentially, they no longer looked like blobbs. They became…. much more.

The blobbs that were first discovered were few in numbers and mostly evolution 1s. However, today they number exactly 2222. No one seems to really know for sure where they came from or when they came. However, the majority of scientists think they are prehistoric creatures that were mostly wiped out at the time of the dinosaurs but some were able to survive and got trapped in the ice during the previous ice age. As more and more blobbs began to pop up around the world everything haulted. They were strange anomalies as a new species has never just suddenly appeared out of nowhere in such high numbers. They seemed harmless and accepted by the majority of the community due to their cuteness but it was when one spontaneously evolved that the panic began to set in. Scientists had never seen such rapid cellular duplication in such a large organism to the degree of being able to almost instantly go from a blobb to having an entire body now as well. This was when the questions began to pour in about these creatures. What are they? How do they just grow so fast? Will they grow again? How big will they get? Will they become dangerous? For the next 4 months after that the world seemed to become a ghost town. The blobbs had so far been completely harmless just wondering around the terrain eating basically anything it could get its hands on. However, the unknown was far too much for the human population to handle. It made everyone fear the creatures so much that it shut down the entire world. People refused to go into work as they feared adventuring outside their homes. Schools shut down as parents didn’t feel safe having their kids out in the world that was once so familiar but now seemingly completely unknown.

For the time being the world came to a halt and it didn’t get much better when a video surfaced online of a blobb speaking.

The information that was gained from the speaking blobbs was limited. They seemed to either not know where they came from or were simply just not willing to tell us. The information we did gain however was that blobbs amass energy from nature which correlates to their peaceful nature. It was from this point on that the blobbs were accepted by the majority of the population and they began to be integrated into the society. Soon it was a normal site to see blobbs living among humans. It became just an everyday activity to pass a blobb on the streets and some even began to live with them as if they were pets. The world returned to its normal state but then the questions began to raise. Were we as a population just lucky enough to live on a planet where the energy the blobbs amassed happened to be one that induces a peaceful nature? What would the results have been if the energy of our planet was that of a not so friendly source? The physical abilities of the blobbs is comparable to that of the most advanced manmade weaponry, would we even be able to put up a fight against such a force? Unfortunately, we got the answers to these questions. One day blobbs started to appear with a not so peaceful nature and started to wreak havoc upon Earth. They came from an unknown plant far away where the energy they amassed was one with evil intentions. However, this energy limited these evil blobbs to only evolving to evolution 4s. Through unknown means they were able to detect the energy the blobbs on Earth were able to amass and surpass the evolution 4 stages. With their greed in hand these evil blobs travelled to Earth to take the energy absorbed from the blobbs on Earth and become stronger. The cost of this was that the energy taken would result in the death of the blobb it was taken from.

The result of this was an all-out battle on Earth between the good and evil blobbs for their lives and the lives of all other species on Earth that would be taken if the evil blobbs prevailed.


Check out the Blobb variations

Evolution 1 - Normal

45.00% (1000 Blobbs)

Evolution 1 - Silver

4.50% (100 Blobbs)

Evolution 1 - Gold

2.25% (50 Blobbs)

Evolution 2 - Normal

27.00% (600 Blobbs)

Evolution 2 - Silver

2.79% (62 Blobbs)

Evolution 2 - Gold

1.35% (35 Blobbs)

Evolution 3 - Normal

13.5% (300 Blobbs)

Evolution 3 - Silver

1.58% (35 Blobbs)

Evolution 3 - Gold

0.68% (15 Blobbs)

Evolution 4 - Normal

0.45% (10 Blobbs)

Evolution 4 - Silver

0.45% (10 Blobbs)

Evolution 4 - Gold

0.45% (10 Blobbs)



Burning NFTs

Certain requirements must be met in order to burn selected Blobbs that you own to earn an Awakening Key, which is a token that allows you to mint an Evolution 5 Blobb for free! If you have 2 Awakening Keys, you can even mint a Stage 6 Blobb. The burned NFTs will be lost forever! Due to the burning utility, the rarity will constantly change!

    Burn Eligibility Conditions
  • Own 1 blobb from each of the first 4 evolutions (foil or non foil)
  • Own 2 blobbs from each of the first 3 evolutions (foil or non foil)
  • Own silver foil blobbs adding to 6 evolution points or more
  • Own gold foil blobbs adding to 9 evolution points or more
    Evolution Points
  • Evolution 1 blobb = 1 evolution point
  • Evolution 2 blobb = 2 evolution points
  • Evolution 3 blobb = 3 evolution points
  • Evolution 4 blobb = 4 evolution points
  • Evolution 1 silver foil blobb = 2 evolution points
  • Evolution 2 silver foil blobb = 3 evolution points
  • Evolution 3 silver foil blobb = 4 evolution points
  • Evolution 4 silver foil blobb = 5 evolution points
  • Evolution 1 gold foil blobb = 3 evolution points
  • Evolution 2 gold foil blobb = 4 evolution points
  • Evolution 3 gold foil blobb = 5 evolution points
  • Evolution 4 gold foil blobb = 6 evolution points
    Burning Requirements
  • In order to receive an awakening key, you must burn blobbs with accumulative evolution points of 6 or higher

The burning utility will become active mid to late March. The exact date will be announced soon.
We want everyone to get the chance to trade their desired blobbs on NFT marketplaces.


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Evolutionary Stage 1:

Background, Body, Color, Hat, Eye, Mouth, Foil-Version (Silver, Gold)

Evolutionary Stage 2:

Background, Body, Color, Hat, Eye, Mouth, Cloth, Accessiour, Foil-Version (Silver, Gold)

Evolutionary Stage 3:

Background, Body, Color, Hat, Eye, Mouth, Cloth, Accessiour, Tail, Foil-Version (Silver, Gold)

Evolutionary Stage 4:

Background, Body, Color, Hat, Eye, Mouth, Cloth, Accessiour, Tail + ANIMATED, Foil-Version (Silver, Gold)

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